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Owners of waterfront property must be careful to determine if a tidelands claim has been made against their property. The State of New Jersey owns all lands now or formerly flowed by the mean high tide. They have always owned it and it affects all but 4 of the 21 counties. Unfortunately, many of the lands that were once flowed have long since been filled in so that it is impossible to determine if it ever existed simply by looking at it. Many unsuspecting property owners have purchased and built upon lands partially owned by the State.

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DID YOU KNOW THAT TITLE INSURANCE WAS AN AMERICAN INVENTION? Its need arose historically due to a system of title searching that left buyers without adequate protection when purchasing real property. A little over a century ago, title was transferred based solely upon the opinion of a conveyancer who searched the public records and based upon that search revealed an opinion of the quality of title being conveyed. Although the conveyancer generally was not an attorney, he or she nonetheless was considered an expert in the field of conveyancing. Buyers at the time felt reasonably protected with the system.

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On October 3, 2015, the new CFPB "Closing Disclosure" form will be implemented into use.

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